DRIVE is a novel about three Black Millennials finding their way, and one weekend that changes their lives for better or worse.

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Solenne Bennett is twenty-nine and has conquered the goals she planned for her twenties: a bachelor’s degree, an exceptional career, and becoming a homeowner with her husband, Jonathan. Yet, she’s unfulfilled. Their routine is predictable and her insecurities rise with doubts about her ability to be as great a spouse to Jonathan as he is to her. Something needs to change. Then Noel, an old college friend, shows up after years of silence asking a favor that requires a road trip with her to Los Angeles. Solenne’s lack of trust for Noel is blurred by the lure of adventure and the weekend delivers a sense of freedom reminiscent of old times. Until a car crash exposes Noel’s secrets and forces Solenne back to reality and the need to face her own shortcomings. Meanwhile, Jonathan spends his time without Solenne reconnecting with friends left behind after the wedding. He is challenged to perform his poetry at an open mic and a strong drive to prioritize his art is awakened. But he’s worried that the drastic change of choosing his passion over corporate life may not sit well with his wife. Drive explores the battle of wanting more against appreciating what you have, the pressure to meet society’s standards against living for yourself, and finding healthy practices to heal from trauma. It is a story of three millennials navigating relatable highs and lows.

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