The first novel released by author A. Erin Walker. Tamryn moves to Los Angeles to find herself, and discovers much more than intended.

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When you realize that you can fly… Straight out the Midwest and on to the west coast. But it’s more than the physical changes. It’s the emotional and mental freedom of breaking down imaginary barriers that have successfully trapped so many. Freeing yourself from normalcy with the awareness that there are no limits unless you place them yourself. Twenty-one-year-old Tamryn Bryant does not know what she aspires to be, but she knows she does not aspire to live an average life. So, she drops out of school and books a one-way flight from Cleveland, Ohio to Los Angeles, California and moves in with her cousin, twenty-six-year-old Melanie Harper. Tamryn is seeking her calling, but in the midst of searching for herself, she stumbles upon undesirable discoveries that have stemmed from a past overflowing with pain and betrayal.

The first novel released by A. Erin Walker.

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