May 16, 2023

Every stage of life is fleeting. This book was made to accompany you through each one.


Started in 2017 with intentions of release and connection, the Fragile series is a collection of vulnerability derived from life experiences. It houses several distinct sections of poetry and prose dedicated to the discovery of self, being found by love, being lost in dark times, and finding our way back to self. Followed by short stories of speculative and experimental fiction which represent the subconscious travels taking place on autopilot in the background of our realities. 


Fragile II is a continuation of highlighting the inevitable phases of the human experience, calling us to embrace the ebbs and flows of the journey toward who and where we desire to be. 


Pre-order the Fragile II ebook and/or paperback from your favorite retailers now for immediate download or shipping on the release date of Tuesday May 16, 2023.

There will also be a spoken word album released, featuring 7 pieces from the book, on all streaming platforms Friday May 12, 2023!


2020 / 2021

The DRIVE series — DRIVE & ARRIVE — follows Solenne, Jonathan, & Noel as they recognize discomfort in where their lives have landed & transition into the discomfort required for growth.

A pivotal spring weekend shakes up all of their lives. They’ll either drown in the storms or bloom with the wildflowers.

Solenne realizes perfection isn’t objective & regardless of her accomplishments, her life is dangerously lacking more than she initially thought. Maybe what she always wanted & attained isn’t all she’s truly meant for.

Jonathan is tired of living to appease his loved ones. He’s ready to take a leap of faith to become the man he feels called to be, & he hopes it doesn’t require losing what he believed he would never lose.

Noel is exhausted. Running from the pain of a loss she suffered years ago has shaped the woman she is now. But when a truth is revealed, calling everything she’s known into question, she must determine whether she’s capable of becoming the woman both she & her family needs.

Ages between late-twenties & early-thirties take on one of the largest transitions in life. Still feeling young while slowly noticing your place as a ‘whole’ adult. Solenne, Jonathan, & Noel are finding their way through all their entangled realizations. Discovering & being forced into the changes they need to make to learn from the past, proactively heal their futures, & presently create & live their best lives.


May 18, 2017

Fragile is a collection of poems and short stories inspired by their corresponding sections: In Motion, In Pain, In Love, and Insane. It is about achieving your goals, being hurt, being in love, and the craziness brought upon us all by all of the above. Thoughts and feelings born from real life experiences as well as imaginary worlds created within A. Erin Walker’s mind. The pieces are written for every reader and every reader will feel the pieces in their own unique ways.


January 14, 2016

When you realize that you can fly… Straight out the Midwest and on to the west coast. But it’s more than the physical changes. It’s the emotional and mental freedom of breaking down imaginary barriers that have successfully trapped so many. Freeing yourself from normalcy with the awareness that there are no limits unless you place them yourself. Twenty-one year-old Tamryn Bryant does not know what she aspires to be, but she knows she does not aspire to live an average life. So, she drops out of school and books a one-way flight from Cleveland, Ohio to Los Angeles, California and moves in with her cousin, twenty-six year-old Melanie Harper. Tamryn is seeking her calling, but in the midst of searching for herself, she stumbles upon undesirable discoveries that have stemmed from a past overflowing with pain and betrayal.