About A. Erin Walker

Art • Life • Purpose

A. Erin Walker was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Her writing journey began as a child, inspired by her love of books and reading and sparking a connection with the art form that serves as her primary creative outlet. 

She has self-published several books, including poetry and prose collections, novels, and short stories. Her work highlights Black characters and the Black experience with propulsive plots and relatable storylines. She loves removing readers from their realities through her stories, and leaving them with deeper considerations about life when the stories end. She believes it is important for people to be able to see themselves in her writing, as that is part of her purpose in this world: to create more worlds in which people feel seen.

She also offers writing, editing, and additional creativity in business services to inspire and motivate her fellow creatives, as she finds it important for everyone to have the courage and ability to share their stories in their unique ways.  

When not writing or working with her amazing clients, she can be found somewhere between her couch and catching flights, checking out new restaurants, staying active, and of course, reading.