How to Set Writing Goals for the New Year (& Actually Meet Them!)

It’s December again! ‘Tis the season of holiday cheer & reflection. The collective energy to look back on where we were a year ago compared to now is enticing, and the new year swiftly approaching with a new opportunity to make moves toward where we want to be is exciting! The air of a fresh start is crisp & bold & we’re all taking deep breaths. And if writing has anything to do with the goals & resolutions on your list for the fresh new year to come, this post is for you. Let’s discuss how to set & meet goals for your writing in 2022!

Quick Update

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Setting Writing Goals for the New Year (& How to Meet Them!)

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned writer, aspiring, published, just starting out, whatever… There are three things you need to do when setting the goals for your craft for the upcoming year:

  1. Dream HUGE
  2. Plan Smart
  3. Take Action (feat. Consistency)

Now, these three things can honestly be applied to goal-setting for anyone. But, this blog is tailored to creatives and I’m a writer so we all know who gets special treatment around here.

Dream HUGE

Don’t shy away from the goals that scare you. The best way to set and meet goals for your writing is to aim for the most beautiful visions that seem so unattainable, you want to convince yourself that they are so you’re not forced to try and end up disappointing yourself. That’s why I’m here – to tell you that you may not believe it can happen right now, but it absolutely can.

So write down every big, scary goal that comes to mind for your writing. If it has come to your mind, you can bring it to fruition. It didn’t choose you for nothing and you are more than capable. The thought is a seed and it has been planted in you, so don’t feed it and yourself with doubt. Don’t write it off before you even give yourself a chance. You’re worthy of making your wildest dreams come true, especially when it comes to something you love to do.

It’s all about perspective. So, let me tell you how the biggest, scariest goals become more inviting.

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Plan Smart

Say your big goal for the upcoming year is to write a book. You may not want to tackle that straight away by grabbing your laptop/paper/pen and getting straight into writing (or maybe you do, more power to you and good luck, you’re a trooper!) – you likely want to plan out your moves. Break the intimidating goal of writing an entire book down into less intimidating actions you can take regularly that will ultimately get you to that outcome. And be sure to assign deadlines.

Perhaps you want to give yourself a month to get inspired and brainstorm ideas. Then a couple weeks to narrow down to one idea for the book that you like the best and want to move forward with, then another couple weeks to create an outline (if you’re that type of writer, like me), and so on.

Breaking the huge goal into smaller action items shifts your perspective. You see the small steps you can take every day and every week and the progress that comes with crossing off every item. You can visually see the less intimidating path these steps create for you, inching you closer and closer to that huge goal that seemed so far and unattainable at first.

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Take Action (feat. Consistency)

When you set and meet goals for your writing, the greatest piece is taking action and remaining consistent.

You set these goals for a reason. You want to write that book, or whatever the vision may be, for a reason. It would also be beneficial to keep that reason posted somewhere for you to easily see so you literally and figuratively do not lose sight of it. Stick to your plan, stick to your deadlines. When and if obstacles appear, don’t change the goals. Just change the plan and get back to it.

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Stay firm in where you want to be when December 2022 rolls around. Even if the goal is pushed back a bit, you still want to be able to look back and see how consistent you remained and how far you still managed to take yourself. Don’t cheat yourself out of the life you want by giving up or losing momentum. Keep every promise to yourself by keeping the course. You’ll be so thankful to yourself when you are exactly who and where you said you wanted to be.

What are some of your best keys to setting goals and meeting them? Share in a comment! Happy New Year, my loves. Talk to you soon. xo


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