The Best Gift Guide for Writers in 2021 (Fun AND Functional!)

‘Tis (almost) the season of giving & receiving! If you have a writer in your life and you’re preparing for the holidays, this post is for you! Whether you are the writer and want to treat yourself because you deserve it, or you’re looking to get gifts for someone else, this is the best gift guide for writers in 2021! The list is filled with fun, stylish, and functional ideas. Most of the items are super affordable, but for the pricier ones I included a substitute that is still sure to be amazing with less pressure on your pockets.

But first, why a gift guide specifically for writers?

Besides the fact that I’m a writer, I absolutely love a thoughtful gift. Emphasis on thoughtful. I love seeing something I know someone would love and getting it for them, whether for a special occasion or just because. And I love when people do the same for me. Part of the thoughtful emphasis includes considering the recipient’s interests. Knowing big and small bits of information about them regarding what they enjoy and find peace in, things that make them happy. Simply paying attention to who they are and/or the person they are striving to be and taking that into account when you get something for them! It’s nice to gift someone flowers because it’s a kind gesture, but to get someone hydrangeas because they’ve always loved them is different. It’s personal, intimate… thoughtful. That is next-level consideration.

So, being the type of person that goes wild for thoughtful gift-giving, I had to make this gift guide specifically for my fellow writers and the people that care about them. Anything on this list is sure to be loved & appreciated, as well as illustrate that next level of consideration we all deserve. Let’s get into it!

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The Best Gift Guide for Writers (Treat Yourself or Someone Else!) by A. ERIN WALKER

What to Get Writers This Holiday Season 2021 (Fun & Functional!)

Mug Warmer

You know us writers are always sipping something piping hot and caffeinated. I cannot tell you how many times I got a nice cup of chai and sat down to get some work done, just to get lost in type-type-typing away and completely forget about my tea! By the time I reach for it, the mug is no longer warm and neither is my drink. That exact problem is what a good mug warmer solves. This one even has smart temperature settings and automatic shut off. You can also use it as a heating plate for candles! Currently listed at just $19.99, but check here for today’s price!

Bluetooth Keyboard

This wireless keyboard by Logitech is compatible with several different devices and comes in several colors: rose, white, and black. I personally like how compact it is, making it perfect for use on surfaces where you may be low on space. Just $36.98 at the time of this post, but you can check today’s price and purchase here!

This typewriter style bluetooth keyboard by RYMEK is so cool. See what I mean by fun and functional? It comes with a tablet stand and the black with rose keys is super sleek. It’s a bit more pricey at $161.49, but the vintage style mixed with modern flare is worth it to me! Check today’s price and purchase here!

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Laptop Stand Holder

Please, help yourself or a writer you love sit up straight and avoid ruining their posture! I notice myself slouching looking down at my laptop all the time (typing about this helped me catch myself doing it right at this moment) and have to reposition my back, but unfortunately majority of the time our necks will still be bent downward due to the height most surfaces we sit at typically are. A laptop stand would work wonders for comfort, alleviating this issue completely. And this specific laptop holder has holes to manage cables, is designed to keep your device cool/avoid overheating, and comes in several different colors: grey, silver, black, and rose gold. Compatible with laptops 10-15.6″, and currently listed for $24.99. Check today’s price and purchase here!

Blue Light Glasses

CALMOPTICS™ Adults Boss Babe (Mauve)

Calmoptics has nice and affordable, high quality blue light glasses to protect our eyes from these screens. I got my God son a pair in 2020 when he had to do school at home due to the pandemic. He absolutely loved them and his mother didn’t have to worry about him getting headaches or worsening his eyesight from staring at screens more throughout the day. When I hopped over to check out their adult collection, I was actually surprised by how stylish the eyewear was! Like, I wouldn’t mind just wearing a pair all the time, not just when working on the computer (lol). Plus, they seem to always have a sale going on and their prices range between only $50-$60 a pair! Even if you aren’t shopping for a writer, check out Calmoptics and perhaps grab a pair for someone that still tends to work in front of a computer screen a lot. They’ll definitely be grateful you put some thought into this gift and considered the health of their eyes!

Noise Cancelling Earphones

Talk about a convenient way to block out distractions! These Beats Studio Earbuds are noise cancelling and come in the colors white, red, and black. They’re compatible with both Apple & Android devices, have up to eight hours of listening time, and the charging case is small & perfect for fitting in your pocket or small bags. So, there might be some external sounds going on around you that you cannot escape, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pop these in your ears, turn on some jazz music, ocean sounds, or whatever you prefer, and get lost in the story you’re creating. This is definitely a purchase you’ll either thank yourself for, or if you’re shopping for a special writer in your life they will be so grateful you chose these for them! Currently listed at $129.95, so just a bit pricey but definitely an investment worth making for your peace of mind while working. Check today’s price and purchase here!

Now, I’m sure we all know you get what you pay for. But, these Anker Life Soundcore earphones have many of the same features listed as the Beats with a price of just $65.99. They offer 90% less noise with different modes of noise cancellation such as indoor, outdoor, and transport, 35-hour play time, fast charging, a 4 1/2 star rating on Amazon, and more. So, if $130 for some Beats might be too much, slice that in half and give these a try! Check them out here!

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Nice Pens

An idea I need to add to my own personal list. I go through so many little cheap pens. They seem to run out of ink so fast or constantly dry out, yet I still haven’t gotten some actual nice ones for all the notes and journaling I do. I love the look of these Black Forest Fountain Pens! The matte black is so official and they look as though they were made for writers who do not play about their craft, okay! Current price is $15.99 and they come in several colors. Check out today’s price and purchase here!

Planners / Journals

gold pen on journal book
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There are so many digital and physical planners and journals made for writers on Etsy! There are book writing & novel writing planners, word trackers, and all types of different journals to fit various needs. I love that they are made by “small” businesses so you know you are supporting someone that put real time and thought into these products, and they’re likely to do a “happy dance” when you place an order with them! A quick search brought up these results. Prices vary but seem to hover around $15. Head over and browse through the many styles and functions, you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for yourself or the writer(s) in your life.

I also love the selection of planners and journals you can find at your local Target. They’re not specifically made for writers but can still be used, of course, with planning creative projects or staying on track for life, in general. It can only help our stories and productivity to have tools that help keep all areas of our lives organized, and although Target is a huge corporation and chances are smaller that someone will do a “happy dance” when you make a purchase, their planners and journals are still high quality, come with super nice designs, and are guaranteed to help you get the job done. A quick search on the Target website produced these results for 2022 planners & these results for lined journal notebooks.

Books About Writing

We all know the next best thing writers enjoy more than writing is what? That’s right… reading! And I, personally, always enjoy a good book about writing. It’s the perfect mixture of my two favorite activities. So, if you’re looking for gift ideas to treat a writer to something special, think about who their favorite writer(s) is/are, then look into whether they’ve published books about perfecting the craft or maybe even a collection of essays, short stories, etc. The hardest part may be making sure your particular writer doesn’t already own the book(s), but once that is confirmed, this might be one of the most meaningful gifts on this list you could choose to get them. And if you’re the particular writer, this may be one of the most meaningful gifts on this list you could choose to get yourself! Just a couple examples off the top of my head would be Stephen King on Writing, Toni Morrison’s the Source of Self-Regard, and Black Women Writers: a Critical Evaluation. But again, consider the recipient’s favorite authors or genres and go from there – thoughtfulness, remember?

Meditation Pillow

We discussed how meditation can be helpful for creatives when trying to stay motivated in the midst of projects in this post, so it’s only right I include a helpful tool that could assist in the meditation practice on this list! This Lotuscrafts Meditation cushion comes with an organic cotton cover that is machine washable and they offer a decent variety of colors. The cushions are made to keep your spine aligned as you sit on them, allowing optimal posture and deeper breaths. I also like that it’s ecological, and it doesn’t hurt that they are only $34.95! Check here for today’s current pricing and to purchase!

Editing Software

This is definitely one of the best gifts you could give a writer. You know it will get so much use and will be extremely helpful in our practice. One of the best editing softwares would be ProWriting Aid. It checks grammar, reviews writing style, and is somewhat of a writing mentor. And guess what – they have a free Chrome extension. Yes, free! Besides just offering suggestions to improve grammar, they also provide in-depth reports to strengthen your writing overall. There is also an abundance of videos, articles, and quizzes on their platform that really contributes to perfecting your craft as a writer. They also have paid premium software integrations that offer even more to help writers improve their skills. An elite editing software that will have the writer in your life thanking you or have you thanking yourself!

Try ProWritingAid for Free!

A Helpful Course

focused man writing on paper
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There are some pretty great courses on writing out there! I, myself, just recently discovered Udemy (don’t judge me, I know I’m late!) and have been buying discounted courses left and right. And full transparency, Udemy definitely has an abundance of writing courses, but I haven’t had a chance to check those out yet. I have been seeking knowledge in other areas lately, such as digital marketing, e-commerce, and graphic design – to assist me with other endeavors but also to apply new skills to my writing career. You know the grind doesn’t stop after we type THE END. The focus just switches from creating the book to promoting the book to get our hard work into the hands of readers that would love it. Having the opportunity to take a course on Udemy about digital marketing and graphic design provides me with skills that increase my chances of doing just that. So, you don’t have to get the writer in your life a course specifically on writing, but maybe something else they would enjoy learning about that could be helpful on the business side – or maybe some courses completely unrelated to all of it to give their minds a break from the craft. We’ve discussed how important breaks are to our success as creatives as well in this post.

Now, another course that does focus on writers, specifically is Renaissance Business: Turn All of Your Passions into One Business. I represent for the writers in every capacity – those solely passionate about writing and those who are passionate about writing amongst other things. I fall into the latter category so I can relate, and this course is all about teaching people like us how to increase the chance of being great with everything we’re interested in! If the writer in your life is working hard to make several ideas pop, this course may provide the insight and tools they need to accomplish all of their goals.

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I truly hope this gift guide for writers is helpful as you attempt to treat yourself or a writer you care about for the holiday season (and beyond)! If you have any additional ideas or would like to share any experience you have with any of the products listed, please leave a comment! I would love to hear from you. Happy shopping & happy creating! Talk soon. xo


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