Your Novel-Writing Guide & Checklist (Exclusive Tools Now Available!)

Update 10/18/2021: You can now receive Your Novel-Writing Checklist for free when you sign up for the A. ERIN WALKER email list! Please leave feedback regarding whether the checklist is helpful & ways it could be better! I hope it gives you a great start in the journey of creating your story.

You’ll want to read this post, trust me!

The amount of conversations I have with people saying they want to write a book & asking for advice is wild. But, when you research the statistics regarding how many people want to write a book in comparison to how many people actually take the time to do so, the conversations I have aren’t too surprising. 

Ever since I started to share my love of writing publicly & publishing books, all the research I was doing and teaching myself how to self-publish my titles stamped a desire on my mental to-do list to share the information & my experience with others. Everyone with a story to tell should feel confident to do just that. And while I can’t give you the focus & motivation, I can put you on to what I’ve learned on my own & provide tools I wish I would have had from the beginning. 

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So, in addition to sharing what I’ve learned through experience in blog posts, I have finally broken into the realm of creating those actual tools I have been wanting to create for you all for so long! The first of them being: Your Novel-Writing Guide & Your Novel-Writing Checklist, now available right here on my website.

You can view and purchase each digital download here.

Let me give a brief summary of each tool:

Your Novel-Writing Guide is an 8-page quick & comprehensive tool to assist in the creation of your novel. It covers all aspects of building your story, from settings & locations to key takeaways for readers, & you can hit each area in whatever order works best for you – the document is editable so feel free to duplicate pages or shift things around to make more space. It is not a strict method to be followed exactly how it is constructed, but rather exactly what it is called – a guide. It is simply made to guide & keep you organized on your writing journey. As long as you do consider & work on each section, you are guaranteed to get the most out of it, setting yourself on the path toward creating a solid novel.

Your Novel-Writing Checklist is actually two checklists that work together as one. You know I tend to do the absolute most at times, but the two in one special is needed! This 2-part checklist helps you confirm the foundational elements of your story, then assists you with digging deeper into the structure of those elements. 

Both of these tools mirror practices I do when writing my own novels. So, just like everything else I spew on here, they are built from experience & proven to be extremely helpful. 

Now for the reason I said you would want to read this post:

As mentioned, these are the first digital tools I have created & are currently for sale on my website. But, I want feedback from both beginner & advanced writers on their experiences with them! So, the first TWENTY people to reach out to me directly, stating whether they would like a guide or a checklist will receive one of them for free. Please just be sure to let me know your thoughts & provide any suggestions to make them as helpful as possible for you all!

Shoot me an email at with the subject: FREE GUIDE/CHECKLIST (depending on which one you want) and let me know your level of writing experience in the body of the email, then you will receive a response with a link to the product. You can email me back directly on that thread with your feedback as well!

We can all tell our stories. And I believe it is part of my purpose to ensure that. Talk soon. Xo


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