3 Easy & Unconventional Ways to Enhance Your Creativity

It’s fall! My favorite time of year from living in my hometown, forest city itself, Cleveland, to living in San Diego. There aren’t as many trees here as in Cleveland to blend autumn colors through the city, but the weather is at its absolute best between September and November, to me! It’s also the end of the busy tourist season and the time of year when the city feels its most authentic. It sparks higher levels of inspiration for me every time! Now, if the fall season doesn’t hit the same for you & you’re looking for more ways to get those creative juices flowing, this is what I’m here for! We’re going to discuss how to enhance your creativity in 3 easy and unconventional ways.

3 easy and unconventional ways to enhance your creativity

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Now, some may say in order to enhance your creativity you should study and practice your craft, or even go out and live life, rack up some experiences to get ideas flowing. That is all good and well and correct! Both methods play huge roles in helping creatives strengthen their talents. But, today I want to go more off the beaten path with other methods that have helped me tremendously with sparking inspiration. Here are 3 easy and unconventional ways to enhance your creativity:

  1. Utilizing healing crystals
  2. Opening your sacral chakra
  3. Studying your dreams


Okay, so I am not a spiritual guru and I am not trying to be one. I highly recommend you conduct your own research and seek out guidance from a spiritual advisor if this post piques your interest in this realm. Let me know if you’d like a recommendation because I have the best person on deck for the job. But, listen…

Crystals have been so helpful for me in my creative journey. Their literal purpose is to assist with healing you in one area or another, both physically and metaphysically and each crystal has its own specific strengths. The ones I have used to help with creativity are Citrine & Carnelian.

I’ve spoken briefly about these crystals in this article as well!

Citrine – Calls in a wealth of positive energy, therefore ridding negativity and helping to spark your imagination. It is also said to be the most powerful manifestation crystal. You can use it to attract abundance, wealth, and joy, and with joy and all the feels comes a refreshing burst of creativity.

Carnelian – Stimulates creativity and inspiration. Helps you become more in tune with any hidden talents and gifts, therefore unlocking parts of your strengths and abilities that can lead straight to your purpose.

Both of these crystals also strengthen the sacral chakra, which brings us to our next easy and unconventional method…


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clear glass figurines
Photo by Erin Profaci on Pexels.com. Image of various crystals.


Another easy and unconventional way to enhance your creativity is to learn about and get in touch with your sacral chakra. 

Again, your girl is not a spiritual guru. Everything I’m relaying here in this helpful and subjective post comes from research I have done on my own and personal experience. If you would like to hear from someone that is a professional, I highly recommend you contact one and I can recommend highly talented individuals I have worked with!

Any who, there are a total of 7 chakra points in the body. I highly suggest you look into all of them as being aware of each of them and their impacts can be a super helpful tool for LIFE, in general. But to stick to the point of creativity, we are only focusing on the sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is located at your lower abdomen and is connected to sexual, emotional, and creative expression. When it is well-balanced, we may find creative expression and connection to come easy. When it is not balanced, we may suffer a lack of creativity. If you are suffering from writer’s block or feeling disconnected from your art, it is possible you are dealing with a sacral chakra blockage. If you believe this to be the case, there are several methods in which you can engage to help re-balance – such as sacral chakra meditations, utilizing carnelian crystals, speaking/writing affirmations, and even actions as simple as wearing orange, eating orange foods, etc. 

I was feeling blocked in this area just a couple of months ago, more so in the aspect of sexual expression but it was impacting my desire to create, so I did some research and booked a session with a reiki healer to dig deeper into what may be throwing off my energy. Come to find out my root chakra had the most felt issue… that’s another story, chile… but, the reiki healer filled me in on several different methods to help get both areas together. After actively doing the work I was advised to do and taking my healing seriously, I can proudly say I’ve been feeling much better. The inspiration has been on 10,000 with so many creative juices flowing in all aspects of my life. I have so many ideas and so much drive to initiate and see them all to completion, and the days where I do feel a little down I have the tools to put in place and pick myself back up. So, I can strongly recommend from experience that everyone be aware of chakra healing, how to pinpoint blockages, and what to do to re-open and get back balanced.

It may not seem as cut and dry as noticing you’re having a hard time with your creativity and simply practicing through it or going out and gaining inspiration from life, but sometimes those more “tangible” solutions don’t always solve the issue. If you’re still feeling uninspired after trying the more conventional methods, looking into metaphysical areas and becoming more in tune with your body and spirit can unlock so many more avenues of awareness of self within you!


Go to sleep! Lol, no but really. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have woken up in the middle of the night after a wild dream, wrote it down before my mind let it go (this is a critical time, you have to act FAST), and went back to sleep. Then woke up the next morning, found the note of the dream, and it was FIRE! Or super weird and confusing. Or super weird and confusing with something FIRE about it! Either being something that was missing for a current project or sparking an idea for a new one. The subconscious is a wild place, filled with infinite branches going in infinite directions. Sometimes, the wide awake, thinking brain just isn’t cutting it and you need a deeper source. Your dreams can help you unlock that deeper source and get into the archives of your imagination!

There is actually a whole study that suggests dreaming can make you smarter and more creative. According to National Geographic, psychiatrist Sara Mednick led this study showing that people who take naps and encounter REM sleep performed better on creative-oriented word problems after the fact. REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is when our dreams are most vivid, and according to this study it helps people combine ideas in new ways. Check out the article here if you’re interested.

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people hotel girl bed
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com. Woman sleeping.


Bonus method!

Another super easy way to enhance your creativity is to simply listen. Listen to your surroundings, yourself, your body, your immediate thoughts and the thoughts they lead you to. Listen to what emotions arise inside of you in silence. Listen to music, instrumentals, lyrics, and how it all speaks to your soul. Even movies and television shows. Dig deeper into what you’re hearing. Listen to people, those you know and those you don’t know. Listen to their stories, and if you’re eavesdropping pretend you aren’t (or don’t, do what you want) and just hear their experiences, their thoughts voiced aloud, and any expressed feelings. You’d be surprised what shifts and turns on the light bulb inside of you just from using the ears you were blessed with and absolutely nothing else. 

It doesn’t have to be difficult to enhance your creativity. You don’t have to just practice in uncertainty and hope something clicks or seek out experiences in hopes they’ll give you something to write about and base your creativity on. There are many other ways to get in tune with yourself and what sparks your art. Just believe in your abilities and see beyond the surface of life and yourself and you’ll unlock many new worlds of possibilities. 

What are some methods you’ve discovered that help to strengthen your creativity? Conventional or unconventional – I want to hear about them all! Have you ever tried any of the methods listed above? Noticed any good or not-so-good results? Sound off in the comments! If this post was helpful in any way, please also let me know in the comments! Talk soon.



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  1. I’m loving the aesthetics of your site. It’s obvious that you’ve put a lot of thought into this and that makes for a very pleasing experience. Anyway, love these tips, and I particularly agree with the listening bit. I believe the universe has much to offer us, if we only listen.

    1. Thanks so much, Stuart! Your kind words truly mean a lot.😊 And the bit about listening and the universe is so true – everything doesn’t have to be as complex as we make it out to be. Thanks again!

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