Why You Should Have a Creative Space

There are many benefits of having an area specifically dedicated to creating. While it isn’t needed, setting a tone within an environment that makes you feel good when you’re ready to make something beautiful pulls the goodness of your surroundings into you thus into your art. Let’s talk about why you should have a creative space & steps you can take to make one, even when you are low on space.

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Why You Should Have a Creative Space and How to Make One When Low on Space
Why You Should Have a Creative Space (& How to Make One When Low on Space)


This topic is similar to a previous post titled Inspiration: Defined & Where I Find It. I spoke about how my best work has come from going out into the world and having new experiences, but you may not always be in explorer mode.

Sometimes, you just need to cultivate a space within your home that can aid in the flow of new & amazing ideas. And honestly, because you’re the one setting the tone, it may produce even better results than going out and seeing what the world can offer you at any given moment. Who or what can ever be in charge of your desired energy better than you?

Now again, having a designated space in which you paint, write, produce music, etc. is not necessarily needed to strengthen that flow or create a masterpiece, but look at it as a tool that increases the chances of reaching the results you want.

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I know this may not be feasible for everyone. Sometimes we don’t have enough space to take some out of the little we have & devote it to just one, specific thing. So, we’re going to touch on small changes that can be made within a space of any size to set the perfect tone for yourself and your creative process.

For example, I am someone currently living in a home I am extremely grateful for but have absolutely outgrown. Making more space out of no space ain’t possible. So, until I am able to dedicate an entire space or ROOM to my creative endeavors as I would prefer, I use my dining table.

We work with what we have until it’s the divine time to receive what we desire.

So, I take action in setting an ambiance around the eating spot to transform it into the spot for projects. I shift things around a bit to induce a calming atmosphere that unlocks my creativity. The shifting and “setting a vibe” is conducive to the mood I like to have to do what I gotta do.

Why You Should Have a Creative Space and How to Make One When Low on Space - Office desk with laptop, keyboard, and candle.
Loft Office Studio Los Angeles, United States via @garinchadwick


Now, I tend to play on a couple of the senses to set the best mood for me.


I cannot write with TV shows or movies on in the background. If I’m out in public, people talking is fine. However, people talking to me is not lol. At home, I either need silence or chill instrumentals. I love this playlist of Lo-Fi beats on Spotify.


I am a big lover of scents. I always have candles lit throughout my home. When I’m ready to write, I like to have some good incense lit and candles so when the incense goes out there is still a fire burning, sending good smells my way and making me smile. Check out this list on Amazon of candles, diffusers, incense, and incense holders, especially if you’re an Amazon-addict like me. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


I am also a very spiritual person (I guess I don’t talk about my personality that much on here, so a fun post about me coming soon!) and I love keeping crystals nearby to attract all the good things. A couple of my favorite crystals to have around when I am writing are the following:

  • Citrine – Sparks imagination
  • Carnelian – Strengthens ambition, confidence, & happiness. Brings stability & serenity. Enhances creativity & restores motivation

These crystals are also good for assistance in activating your sacral chakra, which holds your creativity as well, if you’re into all that. Maybe a post on how the crystals are helpful & what I do with mine to receive their energy is needed? Let me know!

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Why You Should Have a Creative Space and How to Make One - Crystals useful for activating creativity: Citrine and Carnelian
Citrine (top), Carnelian (bottom)

What are your thoughts on having a designated space for creating? Do you have one already? Are you interested in setting one up? Why or why not?

If you liked this article & it was at all helpful, please share it with a friend (or eight) that may gain something valuable from it as well. Thanks so much!



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  2. Great post! I myself have a dedicated space where I do most of my writing, but I’m also not averse to learning to write anywhere, because I think that’s an important skill too. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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