My First Book in THREE YEARS is Now Available: DRIVE



Now, you know I’m a huge advocate for short and sweet posts so this won’t be too long. But almost exactly 3 years since I released Fragile (May 18, 2017) I have officially released my newest novel, DRIVE.


This book is a big turning point for me: Losing my way and finding my way over the course of those three years, being rediscovered by inspiration again, trying new processes in regards to the release of my books and ultimately returning to what has worked best for me.


DRIVE will also become the first SERIES I’ve ever written. Yep, letting you know now that there is a sequel in the works for this novel. Couldn’t hold that in. I won’t spill too much more info though! Just a snippet of the book below. 🙂


If you don’t care about the snippet and cannot wait any longer before adding DRIVE to your collection (I like that energy!): Click here to purchase DRIVE on Amazon. The novel is available in paperback and eBook formats.


I am super excited to return to sharing stories and connecting with readers again. Please enjoy and tell your friends! Talk soon.



A ringing sound penetrates her mind and awakens aches throughout her body.

Her ears are overwhelmed. She cannot tell if it is real or just in her mind.

The backs of her eyes are throbbing and her heart feels like it’s beating in her throat.

She tries to move but an unbearable pain shoots through her body so she sits still. The smell of burnt chemicals fills her nostrils so she blinks her eyes open, but her sight struggles to adjust to the darkness. All she can see is the deployed airbag in front of her before a raindrop splashes into her eye. She blinks them both closed and waits a moment before opening them again.

Her arm is heavy, but she raises her hand to her chest and feels the seatbelt still stretched in front of her. She turns her head slowly, now grimacing through the discomfort that has been realized in her neck. He’s behind the wheel, blood running down the side of his face as rain continues to fall upon him. Her rushing heart threatens her ability to breathe as she waits for the water to run clear. But the red river sliding parallel to his sideburn is never-ending and he has yet to move.

She looks up at the cracked open sunroof and tries to calm her nervous breath as it quickens. There is a panic ensuing inside that she knows must be suppressed. But every time she tries to distract herself with positive affirmations, her mind wanders back to how she could’ve just died. She has to calm down.

Just breathe. Just breathe.

Groans can be heard from the backseat. The sound of sirens singing underwater in the distance can be heard, but just like the ringing she cannot tell if they’re real.

She forces her body to turn so she can look behind her and everything that happened comes rushing back to her mind.

He opened the sunroof even though it was raining. Their screams of laughter filled the car and overflowed into the night as they reached their hands toward the sky to let the Earth’s waters run down their arms.

The bass from the car’s speakers vibrated their seats and the champagne bottle was still cold when she brought it to her lips. Smoke traveled from the backseat and she turned around to lean in toward another face, opening her mouth for them to blow smoke into it. She held it in her lungs long enough for peace to be extracted and stay inside of her, then she released and watched the smoke float up and out the sunroof.

They disturbed quiet streets lined with silhouettes of palm trees in the night and she traced them with her glassy eyes as they sped by.

He merged onto the freeway. One hand on the steering wheel while the other snuck onto her thigh and blood rushed to her cheeks as she brushed it away. He gave a sly smirk and she turned the music up louder before chorusing at the top of her lungs with the other singing voices behind her.

She hadn’t experienced a night like this in so long. Floating so freely and smiling so easily as her mind finally allowed her to let go. But with every high comes an imminent low. Some descents more graceful, gently placing souls and their vessels back into reality with care and ease. Then there are descents like hers. Where she’s dropped back into the real world with scratches and piercing pains, facing a fear for her life that she has never once felt before.




Click here to purchase DRIVE on Amazon.

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