Goodbye, Hello: A Short Story eBook is now Available on Amazon!

It’s September 10, 2019 ladies and gentlemen! This means the eBook for my newest release, Goodbye, Hello: a Short Story is now available on Amazon!


There is an audiobook to accompany it, but this was my first time going through the process of producing and submitting an audiobook ever SO it has been a learning experience. The review process for the submittal of the audio files is much longer than I anticipated (oops), so it will be available soon but it is not available as of yet.


However, the eBook is $2.99 and it is a short story so if you’re okay with reading that is ready for purchase. And if you’d prefer to wait and hear my lovely voice read the story to you, I will of course be sure to keep everyone posted on when that is ready for purchase as well on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon. I got you and thanks for all the support and love I’ve been receiving, it is all greatly appreciated!


In celebration of the eBook for Goodbye, Hello being available today, below is an excerpt from the book. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy! xo


Click here for audio.



Her heels walk across the sky. White clouds grayed by the night’s rise cool her ankles and the wind returns her to her seat. 


Legs crossed with a drink in hand. A beautiful summer night graces her sight.


Perched high above the city with a chilled glass placed to her lips. Her heart beats to the rhythm of the music thumping through the speakers of the rooftop lounge. She yearns to be one with the sound. The tunes being loud enough to force words out harder to be heard and bodies press harder to be felt. Loud enough to distract everyone from what they need to be distracted from. 


Except her. 


She stands from her seat and makes her way across the room, passing behind groups of people huddled around fire pits as their laughing faces glow from the light of the flames. Couples are seated closely, knees warmed by hands and bare shoulders covered by arms. They take turns speaking gently in each other’s ears with hearts for eyes as the warmth from their breath sends chills up their lover’s spine. 


Groups of women dance amongst each other with hands interlocked and hips stirring through the night air. Groups of men hold the wall, their chests exposed by v-necks and button-downs loose at the collar. 


Numerous bodies she passes and they’re all empty. She wishes she could be empty too. Blissfully ignorant to anything outside of the world that revolves around her. Blissfully ignorant to what her world lacks. Oblivious to her self-inflicted impotence. She assumes they must be empty to smile and dance the way they’re so effortlessly able to. They can’t possibly be filled with what she’s filled with.


And she’s had enough. 


Her glass barely rests on the bar for two seconds after she sets it down, the barback grabbing and thrusting it into a sink of soapy water to scrub and rinse with haste before setting it back amongst the clean glasses available for use by the bartenders. 


She reaches an empty space by the glass barrier which separates the lounge from the lobby


of the sky and looks over the city. Her pupils barely catch the twinkle of thousands of city lights as she kicks off her heels and brings her bare feet to the floor. Then she pulls her hair out of its low bun and shakes out her curls, allowing them to fall over her shoulders and down her back.


She cannot keep watching from the outside of her own body as her life lives her. She can’t keep falling into everything up close and from a distance. 


The time has come for her to do something. She felt a readiness becoming but has never felt it blossomed until now. She has never known for sure that she is ready to leave behind the only life she’s ever known until now. Helplessness has reached its end. And she’s exhausted by the thought of everything that is sure to follow her decision, but it’ll be worth it. It’ll be worth it to no longer feel the way she has been feeling. The ledge may have traveled far and wide to land before her, or it may have always lived near and dear. But this is the first she has ever seen it so vivid and clear. There’s no question about what she has to do. 


Eyes begin to glance in her direction and she smiles. They’re only seeing a reflection of themselves. She knows she can never truly be seen. Even those closest to her only saw what they wanted to see instead of who she truly is. 


She climbs on top of the glass barrier and her forearms flex as she holds steady to get adjusted on top of it. The top of the glass cools her thighs through her dress and a chill is sent up to the base of her neck. One ankle is crossed over the other as her legs dangle over the edge and she looks beyond her pedicure.


It’s a long way down. A breeze floats through her hair and she imagines how hard the wind’s resistance will fight against gravity. 


Her heart sinks. 


There’s no time for doubt to creep in and join the questions. No time to reconsider the biggest decision she’s ever made for herself. She raises her hands from the barrier and crosses them against her chest. Her torso leans forward and she takes a deep breath as her body drops over the edge.


No time to wonder if a proper goodbye was delivered to the life she once called hers but never once held close. 

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